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Friargate's main library of books, of around 2000 volumes, is in the Fox Room. The Fox Room provides seating and a writing table.

The library offers materials both for reference and loan and covers topics related to Quakerism, local Quaker history and associated subjects.

The stock aims to be a useful resource to Quakers, as well as the public and local researchers. Additional titles have been transferred to the Brotherton Library (University of Leeds) and the Borthwick Institute (University of York) and may be accessed there.

The library is accessible on Sunday mornings. It can also be accessed at any time when the meeting house is open, provided the Fox Room is not being used for other purposes. Visitors wishing to use the library should contact staff beforehand to arrange a suitable time to visit.

The librarian is also willing to assist with particular enquiries or to meet visitors by appointment.(Contact details below.)

Books may be borrowed and should be signed for in the loans book in the library.



Additionally, there is a library shelf of current books in the seating area of the meeting house.

This selection has been chosen to include titles of particular interest to newcomers to Quakerism as well as general readers. New publications also feature.

There is also a stand with a selection of children's books.

The bookshelf is accessible any time during the opening hours of the meeting house. Books may be browsed in the seating area, or borrowed if signed for in the loans book provided.



A number of Quaker magazines, such as The Friend, Quaker News, Young Quaker, Quaker Voices are on display in the foyer.

Leaflets and newsletters of Quaker groups and a number of non-Quaker groups are also available in a separate display stand.



A number of recent books on Quakerism are on sale in the foyer.



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