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A short description of the aims and work of the York Adult School Trust

Each year this local charity makes a number of modest grants to support the work of community-based groups catering for the educational and personal development of adults.

The trust (more fully: The York Friends Central Adult School Trust ) has its roots in the adult school movement, which began in many areas of Britain in the nineteenth century and was closely linked to Quakers.

The schools combined the teaching of reading and writing for adults with bible study. They were pioneered in the city by local Quakers, including members of the Rowntree family, from 1848 on.

By 1906 the schools had over two thousand members in the city, and the work had spread to include other educational and leisure activities such as a library, allotments, interest groups and a social club. (You’ll find more information about the York Adult Schools on the Rowntree Society website.)

With improvements in public educational provision in the twentieth century, the adult schools were wound up and their properties sold.

With residual income from the assets of the York adult schools, the Trust continues to support educational aims in a broad sense.

For historic reasons, the trust members are appointed by Friagate Quaker Meeting.

You’ll find more information about the trust and applying for a grant in the download below.


Residents in Hungate celebrate the jubilee of the 13 Men's and 12 Women's York Adult Schools in October 1907.

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